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IT Officer

Poise Nigeria

Job Description

A fresh graduate pre-NYSC, NYSC or post NYSC with little experience as IT Officer is needed.

Duties and responsibilities
Analyze the requirements of the company and organize IT the resources of the company accordingly
Evaluating the needs of the company and choosing the most suitable software, hardware and other IT requirements such as networking
Managing junior employees in the IT department of the company
Provide troubleshooting solutions
Ensure that all IT requirements of a company are fulfilled
Ensure the smooth functioning of all IT infrastructure such as servers and network connections, besides hardware and software
Ensuring security of the physical and virtual components of Information Technology such as security of the server rooms and installing virus protections and firewalls
Organizing data, storing them securely and creating backups
Monitor budget of the IT department

Skills and specifications
Sound technical knowledge about IT, security of systems and latest developments in the field
Excellent management, organization and time management skills
Strong communication skills
Excellent observation and analytical skills
Strong problem solving skills

Candidate must be a recent graduate of Computer Science or related course
Must be tech savvy

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